What is the minimum I have to provide to be able to be part of the container?

We are currently exploring the United States thus, your products need to be US Compliant.

What are the documentation requirements?

FDA-License to Operate
FDA-Certificate of Product registration
US - FDA, you may request here

Does it have to be packaged in such a way that it can withstand shipping already or will it be repacked?

We currently ship by the case but are open to hearing how we can serve you better.

How long before my goods arrive in the US?

We are currently exploring the United States thus, your products need to be US Compliant.

How do I get paid when a reseller purchases my goods?

1 - 2 months, 25 Days from leaving Metro Manila. Lot 14-21 days to process the order.

Minimum quantity to sell or buy?

We sell by the case, the minimum is 1 case of a product.


When I purchase, do I hold the inventory or you deliver to me as I sell?

You may choose to have the cases of products delivered to you but our main warehouse is in LA that can be delivered to a different address if you need it be. We cannot ship in small quantities only per case.

Am I allowed to sell it whatever way I wish and can I rebrand the goods?

Yes some of our suppliers agree on white labelling.

How soon will I know what goods will be shipped and how long will it take to get to me?

The products shown on the online catalog need a lead time of 14-21 days to produce that may take 20-30 days to get to you. When we ship out products they are export ready and are accepted at the US port. The products on your wish list will be subject to export compliance that may take more time to be ready for export. Risks are removed from your end.

What is the frequency of your shipments?

This depends on the destination of the shipment. We offer air and sea freight shipping. For smaller orders, we do Less than Container Load (LCL) that ships out every 2-3 weeks. For shipment to the USA, it usually takes around one month to reach its port destination.



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We currently just ship to United States.