Do our USA buyers need an “import license”?

a. Not anymore. 1Export is registering as a Foreign Importer of Record with US customs.
b. Our buyers will be the ultimate consignee, and will have to supply their US Tax Identification Number / Social Security number.

Our USA buyer only has a student visa. Can that person be the ultimate consignee?

a. No, because to be the ultimate consignee, the buyer must be a permanent resident with a US TIN or SSN.

Can we deliver to US Army bases?

a. Yes. But we need to make sure that the base you are in is not restricted access.

I can’t find the items I want in your system.

a. We can help you source the items you want, but we have to make sure that the items are export-compliant.
b. Some manufacturers have exclusive contracts for distributorship, so we can always try, but we cannot ensure.

Do you only offer seafreight?

a. We also offer airfreight but we don’t recommend it because it’s very expensive and we want to keep costs down for your business.

How long does sea freight take?

a. From ordering, we can source and pack your products in 3 weeks and have it on the vessel. After that, sailing takes around 3-6 weeks. So it would most likely take around 45 days to 2 months.

Are my products ensured?

a. Yes. We also make sure that everything we send is checked that nothing is damaged or expired. In an unfortunate event, we can refund you for the damages.

When I become a reseller, should I declare this in my income tax with the IRS?

a. Our services are centered on providing supply for goods. We will handle regulatory compliances for the shipment. Any USA business permit, income tax, or similar topics, we do not cover. We suggest that you consult with your accountant for this.

What are the basic requirements to bring a product into the US (assuming they are compliant with Philippine regulations)?

a. Food - US FDA Food Facility Manufacturer Registration Number and reformatted labels.
b. Drug - US FDA Drug Registration for Manufacturer and reformatted labels.
c. Cosmetics - None

What is the difference between cosmetics and drugs?

a. Active ingredients, product claims and intended use.
b. Each product must be checked individually to get the classification right.
c. Cosmetics - None

I am working with a distributor for a big FMCG company. Can we register the distributor with the US FDA instead?

a. No. We are required to register manufacturers.

I own a brand of consumer products but I outsource my manufacturing via toll packing or contract manufacturing. Can I be registered with the US FDA?

a. Yes but the manufacturer will be the first company to be registered
b. If the company has a facility where they pack and relabel the product, they may be registered with the US FDA, but this is a case to case basis, ideally the manufacturer must be registered.

How are dietary supplements regulated as drugs or food?

a. In general, they are categorized as food. Requiring registration and re-labeling.
b. Exception: medical claims (Cherifer / pampatangkad) may be categorized as drugs.

Where are our broker partners currently located? (Who will help us with port clearance and shipping / delivery)

a. USA, Canada and Australia

Where are our broker partners currently located? (Who will help us with port clearance and shipping / delivery)

a. According to our broker, no additional certification needed.
b. Just a permanent label showing “Made in the Philippines”



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